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We all take many roads in life and can recall many of those visual images. If you really pay attention, they speak to us in metaphors, and reflect what we desire and or perhaps regret. I have been taking photos since the age of five, when I got my first camera from my father, an accomplished photographer himself, a whole new world opened for me. As I took photos throughout my life I could see my life and others, through the camera lens in a different perspective. After my mother’s death in 2010, I went on certain roads to help me to look back, to re-visit and to look ahead while asking some of the important questions in life. I fell in love all over again and in a new way, with taking the “image” and experiencing this creative process.

Next time you stop to examine your own journey, think about this – remember how we were told to just “follow the yellow brick road” and you would find your way back home again? I knew that if I just kept going on the roads that I choose – my own yellow brick road – that I would learn life lessons along the way and find some answers that I needed. My answers – and that is what matters. Looking back, I see that I have taken the road less traveled and even the long way around on most of these roads. That has brought me to today, to me, and that is my home. The lesson is true, I always had it, I just had to figure it out for myself too. There are so many roads in life and many of us have the luxury to take whatever road or roads we choose. Some roads are winding, some are straight; some are safe and some dangerous; and some are easy and some incredibility difficult. Some roads you can’t even see the end but you have faith in the choice you made and you take it anyway. While these roads are far from easy, be sure to stay open to all of the roads you take and the turns you make in life. Don’t forget to take note of the stop signs you ignore, and continue to learn each time. This will guide to your next road and lead you to your next destination in life.

I am offering some of these roads as a brief photographic essay for your own journey. I have traveled some of these roads alone and on some roads others have been along with me. There are those who I wished could have been with me but they were always there in my thoughts and in my heart along the way. I found myself again, while traveling on all of these roads, which has truly been a gift. I hope you enjoy seeing just some of these roads that I have traveled, and I wish for you some insight from each photo I took. May you rejoice in the life metaphors each one offers you.

Where will your next road take you?
Brooke Parker Higgins –

“Perhaps he knew, as I did not, that the Earth was made round so that we would not see too far down the road.” ― Karen Blixen, Out of Africa

Where will your next road take you?

a book by Brooke Parker Higgins

44 Pages
Published by
Xlibris August 17, 2015

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